Report Designer doesn't run report after clicking View Report (any format)

I have run the EXAMPLE workflow: simple reporting example, from local examples.
I have the report designer extension installed.
I click the button and select a format, like PDF, HTML, PPTX

My browser opens and returns “Cannot reach this page.”

Here are my settings:
Windows 10. x64

Any help appreciated.

Hi @julianhatwell,

I’ve sent you a PM to discuss the issue.


Hi @Marten_Pfannenschmidt,

Did you find a solution to this issue. I seem to be having the same problem generating reports (Knime 4.1.2).


Hi @jamesbinnie,

unfortunately I was not able to reproduce this, which might be a hint that it is more of an issue of the individual machines setup.

Hi all,

unfortunately I’m facing the same issue also (KNIME 4.1.2).
Today I was preparing new data for my report. The KNIME workflow for that was ok. But when trying to run the BIRT report it just happens nothing. Both the workflow and report have been successfully executed end of last week and no changes from my side (no update of knime / nodes / …).
I was checking the knime.log to see whether I can find something pointing me to a root cause. But there are no (new) warnings/errors (compared to last times).

Are there any dependencies (e.g. to online resources) known which might fail / change?

Hello @knimediger, @jamesbinnie,

Is it the same behavior regardless of report type you select? What OS are you running? Can you put KNIME log to DEBUG level (default is WARN) and then check it or share it here?


Hi @ipazin,

It does the same thing for each of the report types, using Chrome. I’m accessing mine via a remote desktop on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (x64).

I changed the log to DEBUG level but nothing is logged when I try to generate the report.



For my case I was able to identify the root cause and a solution.

The important hint was located in another logfile of KNIME “.metadata/.log” file. That is located in the workspace.
The link to the (default) browser was broken

Cannot run program “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”

It seems that KNIME is not using the defauls (under Win10).
After creating that link manually again in the preferences (File → Preferences / General → Webbrowser) the reporting is working again as usually.

Maybe that solution helps.

My config:
KNIME 4.2.1
Win10 / 1909


Hello @knimediger,

glad to hear you solved it. @jamesbinnie did you check log file in metadata?


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