Report Designer Not Available


I have KNIME Analytics Platform 3.1.1 with report desginer extension installed however the option to edit report or open report designer is not available on the toolbar or by right clicking on the workflow name. 

I have created locally the same exact simple example as the one in the documentation with a file read and a Data To Report node. I even tried using a server example to no avail.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing the report designer extenstion but that didn't help either.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for everyone's help!

Hello nickshel81,

Can you please have a look into Help -> Installation Details -> Features and look if the column "Feature Id" contains

  • org.eclipse.birt
  • com.knime.features.reporting.runtime
  • com.knime.features.reporting.designer

Thank you,


Hi Ferry,

Thanks for your reply. 

All of the items you listed are present under Feature Id on my installation.


Hello nickshel81,

There is no obvious reason for this problem. The feature is installed, you're on 3.1.1, so everything should be working.

Just to state the obvious: Rightclicking the workflow name is not possible anymore. That was removed together with the KNIME Resource Navigator. The icon in the toolbar is located to the right of the zoom-level (See attachment). If this icon is missing and nobody else comes up with an idea I'm afraid you need to try a reinstall of the Analytics Platform.

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