Report Designer org.eclipse.ui.workbench Error

Dear Knime User and Experts,

after installing the Report Designer Plug-in, I get the following error when opening the report editor from within AP:

An error has occurred. See error log for more details.

The DataSetView stays empty even after I defined a new data set from my workflow report nodes. The error reoccurs every time I switch to a report tab.

One (possibly connected) issue is that I cannot add a KNIME data source (Example workflow 01, delete source, try to add again).

I have the following versions installed:
KNIME AP 3.4.2
Report Designer 3.5.0

Any help is appreciated! Thank you



Edit: Apparently, the installation screwed up some files. A clean fresh install of AP solved the issue.


Marking as solved :slight_smile: Thanks for keeping us updated.

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