Report Loop End: Does not concat but only collects last Report


while creating reports for clients I happen to notice an oddity which made me wonder if I made a mistake. But, after checking other example for the Hub like this:

I could confirm that the Report Loop Node seems to have a bug as it only collects the last report but not all.

In the above example there should be three reports but only the one with the max rank is present. I created the component just to enter into interactive view.


Hi @mwiegand,

Your screenshot contains the composite view of the component which is the view of the inner component “CO2 Statistics by Country” in the last iteration, not the report port view.
If you switch to Modern UI, you can also have an embedded view of report ports where the complete report from all iterations is displayed.

I hope this explains the issue you mentioned.

Hi @armingrudd,

do I understand you correctly that there is a difference in the way how generated data is displayed when switching between Classic and Modern UI?


The Report Loop End doesn’t have a view but report output port(s). In Modern UI, the report output port shows the report preview but in classic, it’s the raw report fragment.

As you’ve put the whole loop part in a component, the composite view of this component is actually the view of the inner component in the last iteration (both in classic and MUI). The report output port of the component (report fragment) gets rendered as a preview of the report fragment in MUI.

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