Reporting from component doesn´t send output data.

Hello knimers.

Im trying to do a report of data. I´m grouping all the workflow on metanodes, and components. This last one I configured it to have output and input ports.

But when the flow reaches this point, it doesn´t send the data to the report template amd honestly I don´t know if is something I didi wrong or if is a node bug.

Can please anyone help me with this problem?

Attached img:



Hi @ttsk8der

We cannot really help without knowing what’s happening inside the processing component :wink:

Do you have an empty table switch in there? The fact that the output port of the component is crossed out and the report HTML writer has no status makes me to believe that you have de-activated branches inside the component.

Hi @ArjenEX.
Sure I can share the wf with you.

Inside there is a final data segmentation, it is a massive dataset and some graph views

At the outside the only change I made is the node, I tried this time with .pdf writer but it doesn´t work
The error I got this time is:



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