Reporting in KNIME 5.2

I was creating a component with composite views for a report, and when I enabled the report option in the Composite View Layout, 2 ports appeared to the component (one input and one output). The problem is that if I don’t connect anything to the input port of the component (the report port), it crashes and doesn’t allow to run the view. I send screenshots.


Hi @lsandinop ,
The input port asks for which type of report you want to create, an A4 or Landscape, and this can be achieved by connecting this Report template creator node as the input.

I hope this fixes your issue. Let me know if you have any other questions.



Is there a way to concatenate reports saved locally via a “Report PDF Reader”?

I want to generate reports based on our business hierarchy then send these individuals only their level and level below.

Solved, thanks!
I couldn’t find where to close the topic.

Hey @EvanB,

if the overall report is created in KNIME it should be possible to concatenate different parts for different user groups. If you want to concatenate an existing PDF report with a KNIME report, this is currently not yet possible.


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