Reporting Nodes: Number Format Manager with Percents and Currencies

I have many use cases where I want to use percentages or currencies in charts and table visualizations, but ideally I don’t want to change to strings (which wouldn’t work with many charts). Is there a way to add percents or other characters to the Number Format Manager in reporting nodes?

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Hello @San_Diego_Web_Analyst ,

both good features that we have on the radar, but not started working on, yet. I added a plus one for you to currency/unit support (internal reference AP-22082) as well as support in views other than the table view (UIEXT-1680).
For now, you could mention the currency/unit in the labels of the axis, e.g., “Revenue (in $)” or “Adoption rate (%)”.

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P.S. Also moved the topic to Feedback & Ideas, such that others can upvote, too.

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