Reporting preview

My question is with the preview options on Knime reporting.

I tried to use preview option but it display blank pages.

As i found another alternative to view my results by using the webviewer but internet connection as required.

Is it not possible to preview while offline ?

Kindly advise.

Sure, this is possible. Please check under File > Preferences > Report Design > Preview to enable the external browser. This should allow you to see the preview within your browser and without being connected to the internet.


I have the same problem, the Preview tab in the Report Designer is always blank. I've seen this to work in older versions (a few years back). I'm using 2.10.1 on Windows 7 64-bits.

How should I configure my preferences for the Preview tab to work properly?


Thanks again for reporing this problem which boils down to an issue in the BIRT integration related to Windows 7 and 8 systems and IE11. The provide workaround seem to work and we will incorporate it into KNIME with 2.11 released in December. If you can't wait you would need to add the property


to the knime.ini file and replace or delete the registry entry:


knime.exe with the decimal value 10001.

The provide Fut Coins workaround seem to work and we will incorporate