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Dear All,
Good day to All!

I have some problems in Reporting with chart (Data to Report).
I want to present with Pie chart in Reporting.
I want to group with Product Group Column in Pie chart. There are only three types Group A, Group B, Group C.
My chart preview is OK, but in actual presentation it is not OK. There are contained other Group names, Group A, B, C and D, E.
I think my setting is not correct.
May I request to advise me.


Hi @Charm_Myae -

Based on your workflow I think everything is actually fine. In the BIRT layout pane, you see this image of a pie chart, which is just a generic chart that doesn’t have anything to do with your actual data. It’s solely a placeholder for the layout:

Don’t worry about this. What you care about is that the actual data is used in the generated chart, and as I far I can tell, when you use the HTML Report Viewer, everything looks as it should:

So I wouldn’t be concerned. BIRT can be a bit confusing in its previews. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.
I will try it.

I am OK now.
Thank you very much.


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