RepositoryView warning/error

Dear All,

I recently updated KNIME 2.4.2 with, I think, the latest Image Processing and RDKit builds on the nightly Community Contributions site.  Since that point (although, of course, it may be unrelated...), I have been seeing a pop-up message box when starting KNIME - with the following message also in the console:


WARN RepositoryView The following categories could not be inserted at a proper position in the node repository due to wrong positioning information.

See the corresponding plugin.xml file.

The categories were instead appended at the end in each level.

ID: features Name: Features After-ID: trac

ID: misc Name: Misc After-ID: views

ID: views Name: Views After-ID: features


Any ideas how I should proceed to avoid the annoying popup?

Kind regards


Hi James,

this might be our (KNIME Image Processing) fault. I will check this today and give you feedback as soon as possible.

Best regards,