Request Body for a delete request node


I am using an API that has a DELETE request that requires a request body, however I cannot see how to currently add my request body in the DELETE request node. Are there any plans to extend the DELETE request node to have a “Request Body” tab (like there is in the PUT and POST request nodes)?

In the meantime, does anyone know a good workaround of how I can add my request body to my DELETE request in KNIME?


as far as I can see the delete request body can be a Table column in KNIME. Is that not working for you?

The HTTP Retriever allows you to send a payload with any request method, also with DELETE:



Hi @Daniel_Weikert

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I think the Body column you are referring to is where you can enter the name of the response body column that then appears in the output table. Whereas I am wondering where to set the contents of the request body.

Thank you,

Thanks @qqilihq I will give the HTTP Retriever node a go. Much appreciated

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Does anyone know if there are any plans to extend the DELETE and GET request nodes in the future to have a “Request Body” tab? This set of nodes work really well with workflow credentials. I am assuming that I cannot use the workflow credentials in the HTTP Retriever node?

I see you are correct sorry for that.
Glad that @qqilihq had a great substitution. Otherwise scripting would have been my suggestion

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Thank you @Daniel_Weikert and @qqilihq for your help here. My main concern with using the HTTP Retriever node or custom scripting is to do with credentials security. This workflow is shared around different users, so I need a super secure way of not having the password stored or viewable. When using the GET or DELETE request nodes I have been making use of Credentials Configuration node. I then pass these credentials into the Get node (see screenshot below). Am I right that it is not going to be possible to use this same approach with either the HTTP Retriever node or Custom scripting?

Hi @Gem,

at the end, the password is submitted to the REST endpoint in an unencrypted form.

I do not know the details about the KNIME “Credentials functionality”, but I guess that it will most likely just show ••••••••• instead of a password on the UI, or at the most store it in an encrypted way “at rest” (probably, partly outside the workflow).

However, as written above, at the point where the workflow is executed and the request is performed, it is available in cleartext, and can thus be easily extracted.

Regarding the HTTP Retriever node (for which I am partly responsible): We have no plans adding credentials functionality currently (mainly due to what I wrote above).

For any further questions let me know! :slight_smile:


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