Request for an image of workflow being shared by experts from KNIME

Dear all experts from KNIME:

At the outset, thanks for the prompt response and expert solutions that you all have been providing to the various posts in the forums.

I request that an image of the suggested workflow solution be also pasted in the response.  This will enable avoidance of download of the workflow and then opening it in KNIME to understand the proposed solution to the problem.

This would be of much benefit for those hailing from places / countries where the internet download speed is rather slow.

Thanks for your positive response.



Hi Sridhar,

thank you for your question. I have to admit, I do not agree.

It is incrdible helpful if you directly get a workflow for your solution. Workflows are very small, they only contain simple text files and can be downloaded easily. And I think it is very nice, if the community spends time making workflows for others. We always highly appreciate if we get example workflows, with some simple data in, we can use if someone asks us a question.

A screenshot cannot capture the configuration option in the dialog, for example.

Kind regards, Iris