Request for feedback

Hello KNIMErs,

I have created a KNIME client for some of the Diffbot services (development was sponsored by Diffbot). It might change in later versions, but I hope those changes will remain compatible. If you are doing text processing from the web, I would like ask you to check whether this would be suitable for your tasks or ease the pre-processing. The Diffbot services are not free, but they are available for a trial period. The workflow attached to the prerelease contains sample data, but you can also try the service from the web client and manually insert the data to KNIME with a table creator node (obviously the trial is the easier path for multiple examples).

In case you do not like some parts of it, please tell in this forum (I hope this is not considered as spam) or send me a private message.

Happy Holidays! gabor

PS.: I have no influence to the output JSON, but can give some tips if you are stuck at some point on further processing.