Request: Log Levels and Stack Traces


many aspects of Knime are really great, but the Console is one thing that I think should be improved in terms of log levels.

For example there are some warnings that are certainly necessary during configuration or testing, but on a production workfllow they are just flooding the console. One example may be the RowId reset for appending columns later on, another is probably getting warned of empty tables even at the Empty Table Switch.

For the Image Processing Plugin (I know, not directly your business) it's getting worse, as it has a few messages that are hinting to expected behaviour but potentially produce a warning for every single line of a table.

Basically I'd like to have a local suppression switch for those, if there's no better alternative.


On the other hand it still happens every now an then that I get an exception stopping my workflow that occurs only rarely, say on the 210th repetition after 5h. My current case is solved by merely re-executing the node a few seconds later. Being hard to reproduce, it is also hard to get a stack trace on those and to file a helpful bug report.

Therefore, my second request is to increase the log level of stack traces to Error, especially if the execution is stopped by that error.

Hi Lorenz,

You know that you can set the log-level in the properties (Log and UI individually?). If yes, why doesn't this help?



Hi Christian,

Always running on Debug mode to get the stack traces if they occur was not really recommended the last time I attended a UGM. 

On the other hand, I would like to get relevant warnings that endanger my results but are not yet errors. For example the having a dependency for every single segment can be vital, but in my case they are not.

The only possible workaround for getting a multi-color tiff is currently the ImageJ Macro node. That writes the image, but also throws two warnings for every image written.

As a non-KNIP example, I often determine the location of files by the location of their predecessors, but as the table reader is configured before the file name setting node is executed, I get flooded by "WARN: Table Reader: No location provided" messages.