Request: Molecule type cast/converter (any, core, Erlwood, Indigo, etc) for *multiple* columns

I've been struggling a bit with conversion of strings to structures (mainly smiles) for viewing in Knime - when having a dynamic number of columns.

Tried using looping, but haven't managed so far (e.g. even when I managed to loop around the number of columns, the columns end up all in one column only). I am sure though there is a solution.

Even if you don't have dynamic number of columns, multiple ones mean combining multiple type cast nodes in a row. Doable of course, but slighly annoying.

What would be simpler - and thus a request for one or any of the nodes that handle structures, be it Molecule Type Case; Open Babel; ERL String to Molecule; Indigo, whoever thinks it is a good idea or has time & resources:

Add a column selection to the node, so that one can select multiple ones at once, use variables, etc (as in Column Auto Type Cast).

Thank you for reading.


Hi Docminus.

You need to finnish the Loop with a Loop End Column Append. 

Here is the workflow on the example server which does the same job. 011_FlowVarsAndLoops/011006_loopColumnsManipulateEach

cheers, Iris 


Afterwards one is always the wiser.... :)

Though a column selection in those nodes would still be nice to have.