Request on reference codes or projects with Customized PortObject

Continuing the discussion from Custom PortObjects with heavy data makes loading workflows slow:

I have the same need to create a project based on customized PortObject ( I have created some indeed, but the performance was not so good, especially about the serialization part). Therefore, I want to look for projects with customized PortObject as references.

When I checked the link code from TreeEnsembleModelPortObject.jave, I couldn’t find it. Maybe the update??

Anyway, if you have some experience with the customized PortObject, could you recommend me??

Thanks a lot


I suggest having a look here, this gave me a good kick start:

– Philipp

Do you have any idea where the codes are??

The PTC is currently not in a public repo.

However you should be able to find several classes which extend FileStorePortObject in the KNIME Git. (I like to use GitHub’s search functionality for that)

– Philipp

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Thanks, I have found the FileStoragePortObject but still couldn’t find class
Really wish there exist some public projects based on PortObject


I wasn’t really able to find the mentioned TreeEnsembleModelPortObject on GitHub either (probably I took it from the sources plugin back then).

However, there are the following classes which might give you some inspiration:


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Hi @KFDing,
You can see the source code of that file by following these steps:

  1. Set your target platform to KNIME-AP-complete (

  2. Press the Add All Plug-ins to Java Workspace Scope button in the plug-ins view:

  3. Press CTRL+SHIFT+T and type TreeEnsembleModelPortObject, wait a bit for the search to finish.

  4. Enjoy the source code :slight_smile: