Request: Select all visible/filtered checkbox in JavaScript table view


Would it be possible to change the behaviour of the select all checkbox in the JavaScript Table View, so that it selects only visible/filtered rows?

If I have a large table of data, which may or may not be spread across multiple pages, I may wish to make selections based on some search criteria. When I enter something into the search box (either the overall one or a specific column’s one) I’d expect the select all checkbox to select only those rows that meet my criteria. Instead it selects absolutely everything. This means that there isn't easy way to select big chunks of my data in one go.



As a follow up request, it would be very handy to restrict selection to a single row, perhaps as an option in the node dialog. The JavaScript Table View could display a set of radio buttons, rather than checkboxes. This would allow the viewer to work like Value Selection quick form node. As it is I often have to place a drop down list of IDs next to the table view, in the Web Portal, in order to get the same functionality.

Hi Richard,

yes, both of those features are already on our roadmap, but so far haven't been planned for a release yet. I will give them an upvote.