"required" flow variable in String Widget

what value do I have to set into the Flow Variables if I want to set required True?

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Do you mean Text Output Widget? I don’t see an option for required True. Could you share a screenshot or a workflow?

Hello Victor,
thanks for reply.
No I mean String Widget.

To set that variable you need a boolean flow variable (you can see the b type which means boolean near the word “required”). Does that make sense?

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Hello, I have set the required flow variable as true. However, it doesn’t seem that the required field is enforced by KNIME when the widget is used in the WebPortal as I was still able to move to the next page with empty field. How is the required field enforced?

I spoke with the engineering team and they said this functionality is not yet available. Usually if a variable exists it has a corresponding section in the first configuration dialog. But in this case, there is no field which corresponds to “required”.

For now, you can use the string widget label section to write something warning users to enter a string or use sequential logic to stop the user from progressing if they don’t write something.

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