resample hourly data to minute data

Hello, I cannot come up with an idea of resampling hourly data set into minute data set so that in the end I would get a 60 times bigger data set. To be more precise - I have a 2 column data set with the column 1 being time in hours and column 2 being value. However, instead of hourly data I need a minute data so that each minute of a given hour has the same value like the hour in the original data. Can Knime help me in achieving that?

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Hi @Mateusz007

A little bit of looping will help you out. See resample_hourly_to_minute.knwf (33.0 KB) .

gr. Hans


Hi @Mateusz007, as with many things in Knime, there is more than one way to achieve a result. I am grateful to @HansS who has provided a perfectly valid workflow, and gave me part of my solution in the form of the Date&Time Shift node. I then wanted to see if it could be achieved without a loop.

I had already seen how to duplicate the rows using a node called “One Row to Many”. but that gives a total duplication of each row so they’d all have the same time! What was needed was some way of then providing an iteration count as currently I had no way of performing the different time-shift on each row when all rows were identical!

The final part of the puzzle for me was discovering the “Rank” node, which allows us to generate a sequence for each row within a grouping. The grouping in this case is the “Sample Time”. After that has been calculated, the time shift can be applied.

Duplicate Sample Without Looping.knwf (18.6 KB)


Thanks @takbb for such a smart and well commented solution of this challenging problem !




Hi, thank you @HansS and @takbb for your help!




You are welcome @Mateusz007.

And thank you @aworker for your kind comments!


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