Reset Date&Time Configuration , Variables nodes on every execution without manual reset

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I have to reset and execute the variable ( Java edit, StringtoPath …) nodes and Date&Time configuration nodes for every new run . I could not find any node in Knime to reset nodes which can help reset and execute to reset to reflect the latest execution time for example in Date&Time configuration node. Highly appreciate help to resolve this issue .

I did find Selenium has offered Reset on Load node to reset the nodes , which is marked as BETA ref: Reset on Load [BETA] — NodePit


Hi @nivedita_dixit , have you tried this node?

[Date&Time Input – KNIME Hub]

But unfortunately even with this, you’ll still have to manually reset each time you’re applying a new execution date/time.

@badger101 Yes. I do not have issue with the Date&Time configuration node, it works as expected. I want to the nodes to be reset after each execution , so that they pickup the latest execution time for next execution without manually resetting the nodes, not only Date&Time , variables as well

I see. Let’s wait for someone who knows a workaround for this case. I’m also curious to see what the solution is going to look like. Perhaps someone with coding knowledge can come up with something using the Java Snippet.

@nivedita_dixit this is indeed the node that I have used and thus one is free to use as I understand. You can use it in combination with a call workflow so the called workflow will be reset.

Then obviously this is a perfect task for the KNIME server which is there to call and coordinate workflows at certain times and intervals and also reset them.

Then you could employ a sort of permanent loop and maybe combine that with a call and a reset:

And I think you might have to plan what you want to do what your scenario is. Another option could be some sort of batch processing.

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Hi @mlauber71 , I was wondering is there no other mechanism , looping does seem to be best for for my workflow . All the utility nodes like Date&Time will have this issue , was looking at graceful way of handling it .


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