Reset Knime-Workflow on Knime-Server

Hello Community,
I have a Workflow which is used by RestFul Service, which does not reset the workflow.
Within the Workflow I load a Config-File and prepare everything for using the Workflow (e.g. loading mulitple Models) so that the Workflow is really fast.
Also I use the Workflow Properties, having 10 parallel Workflows working.

How can I reset all the Instances of the Worklow, so that the configuration will be read again and all Instances work with the new config?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Micha,

If I understood you correctly, you need to reset the workflow, then execute it partially (so that the configuration is read again), and then save that as the updated version of the workflow?

There is no automated way to do this, since it is not possible to only partially execute a workflow on the server (unless you go via the WebPortal route, but let’s not touch this for now).

One thing you could do is to use the remote editor for this:

  • Right-click the workflow -> Open -> as new job on server
  • Reset as far as needed, and re-execute
  • Right-click the job -> Save as Workflow -> select the original workflow to overwrite

Is this what you were looking for?


Hi Roland,
thanks for your comment.
Thats not what I’m looking for, it is nearly the same as deploying the workflow again…

The problem is, that I just want to send a signal to the workflow, that there is a new configuration, which has to be used…