Reset Nodes

I have a KNIME workflow that I have scheduled using the KNIME batch functionality. The problem I am having is that I need the nodes to reset after the workflow is run so that the following day the same workflow can run fresh again. Does anyone know if there are any node settings or somewhere in the BATCH settings where I can reset the nodes?


Simply pass"-reset" as command line argument, so that all nodes are reset before the workflow is executed. Alternatively you may pass “-nosave”, so that the workflow does not get saved after execution. For more command line arguments start the BatchExecutor without any arguments.

works beautifully thanks!!!

I have developed my own nodes which has checkboxes. when a new checkbox is selected / deselected, i need to reset the node but it is not happening. what can be the problem?

Hi, I assume you have implemented your own dialog which contains a number of check boxes. Those check box states need to be saved into an object called NodeSettings; override NodeSettingsPane#saveSettingsTo() and NodeDialogPane#loadSettingsFrom() from the corresponding NodeDialogPane class. If those settings change for an already executed node, the node is automatically reset by the framework. For more details, see the documentation of the NodeDialogPane and NodeModel classes. Best, Thomas

please thor, what is a BatchExecutor ?
I need it

Running KNIME from command line:

can I schedule the BatchExecutor so that my workflow restarts every 5 minutes (for example passing some argument as command line)?

thank you very much

Hi there!

By restarts you mean execute it? You can schedule it to whatever frequency you wish but not with passing an argument from command line but instead using some scheduler tool like Windows Task Scheduler.


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please take a look at attached picture.
When I try to execute Knime by command line, it returns error: no such file (knime.exe).
(O.S. italian language).
Please why?
thank you very much for your reply!

Hi there!

you start batch execution from where your executable(.exe) file is or you write whole path. KNIME executable file (knime.exe) is in KNIME installation folder.


hi ipazin Now I have launch the batch execution from knime installation folder but it returns the error displayed in the attached picture.
please what have I to do?
thanks a lot for your replyes

Hi there!

reset parameter shouldn’t go after application parameter. Put it before.


In addition to ipazin’s correct reset advice, make sure that you’re not running your desktop KNIME at the same time.

sorry guys, please note that my goal is to run my workflow every 10 minutes (by Windows task scheduler).

so my question is: does my batch file achieve my goal?

if your answer is “yes” so let’s talk about my new problem (!). Now I run the command line with “reset” parameter before “application” but knime does not start… neither application or my workflow. Note: the process starts, but knime never arrive. (please note the attached file).

Note: knime desktop was not running before I launched batch file.
thanks for your help guys. And sorry, I’m beginner.

Hi there!

KNIME Desktop can be running just the workflow you are calling should be :wink:

Regarding your call add -ConsoleLog and remove –launcher.suppressErrors. And check FAQ one more time :wink:


There’s two boxes to solve your problem - one box is “running KNIME from a batch script” and the other box is “setting up a task scheduler / cron / something to tell your OS to run that batch script every 10 minutes.”

We can help you get the first box going, but the second box will probably be all you.

If your workflow is a long running thing, perhaps make a tiny workflow of just a Table Creator and a File Writer and run that as your test case; that way you’d be removing some complexity from the situation until you get the batch invocation figured out.

I was thinking what you say right Now.
As I said… I’m beginner.
hope to ask better questions in the future.
thank you so much!

yes I will quaeler… absolutely correct.
hope you will not be angry for my future questions :blush:
thank you very much for your help!

pffft - don’t be silly - your questions are always welcome here.