Resizing the grid on the webportal


I am working on a portal that displays some data for an end user to act on. However some of the data does not fit on the screen since the grid has a pre-set max-width of 1600px. (Example in screenshot. Had to hide the data as it’s sensitive)
Is there a way to edit this so that by default the max value is higher?

I have tried looking at CSS to do this but I’m not really sure where to look in this case.
I’ve also attached an image of the parameter I am trying to set.



Hi @mrthomas3697

The grid size is not configurable. Adjusting the browser zoom level may be helpful in this case. Or you may chose to edit your wide table in two subsequent pages. The table editor node can display a selected set of columns.


Hi, you might find this other thread useful here as well: Webapps: Maximize content (and remove padding/margin on left and right side) - #5 by julian.bunzel