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I am new to KNIME. I am facing a small problem, I have a support trouble tickets data in excel file. In which I have a trouble ticket receiving timestamp and trouble ticket updated timestamp. I want to calculate the ticket response time within same day (within 24 hours).

My data looks like this:

Ticket receiving time | Responded time

2021-11-10T10:22:15 | 2021-11-10T17:07:57

2021-11-10T08:41:27 | 2021-11-10T09:31:09

yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss | yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss

The resulting column should meet the following conditions:

  • If Ticket comes between 0900 PKT to 1500 PKT (Mon – Fri), it should be responded with same day/date.

  • If Ticket comes between 1500 PKT to next day 0900 PKT (Mon – Sat) and Sundays, it should be responded before 1200 PKT next day.

The Resulting column must look like this:

Yes (Responded within same day)
No (Not Responded as per above criteria)

I found the “Column Expression” node, but with it i could not find the right solution.

Any help is appreciated!


I’m not sure I understand the logic here.

Regardless, you can use the Extract Date&Time Fields node to extract the day of the week and time of day from the “Ticket receiving time” column. Then you can use the Column Expressions node or Rule Engine node to create the rule that generates whatever you want in the output column.


Everything @elsamuel said

  • you can have a look at the datetimedifference node

@elsamuel and @Daniel_Weikert thank you for your kind help!

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