Rest api connection to deepl

Could some one help me on how to leverage the Get node to connect to an API. This was from the API documentation.

curl -X POST ‘
-H ‘Authorization: DeepL-Auth-Key [yourAuthKey]’
-d ‘text=Mir%20ist%20kalt’
-d ‘source_lang=DE’
-d ‘target_lang=EN-GB’

However how do I translate this and enter this as a single URL into the get node

The API also offers a HTTP request

POST /v2/translate HTTP/2
Authorization: DeepL-Auth-Key [yourAuthKey]
User-Agent: YourApp/1.2.3
Content-Length: 54
Content-Type: application/json

text=Mir%20ist%20kalt&source_lang=DE&target_lang=EN-GB. But this also I am not sure how I should enter this into the “Get” node. Thank you in advance for helping out.

Ok I did some digging and now pivoted to a POST request node. Here are some screenshots I added on how I added the data. New cuRL node is

curl -X POST ‘
–header ‘Authorization: DeepL-Auth-Key [yourAuthKey]’
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’
–data ‘{
“text”: [
“Hello, world!”
“target_lang”: “DE”
However I am still unsuccessful as the error message are two folds:

Hi @justmattam,

Out of curiosity… have you already tried the free DeepL Nodes? For your use case, the Translate Text node might be exactly what you are looking for.

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In your POST request, you only have filled in application instead of application/json :wink:


Thank you Daniel for highlighting. I was not aware but this is a viable alternative.

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Thanks Arjex. You are right. I also misspelled the Authorization key. Are you aware if a “get” node could be used instead of the post node in the scenario that I was using?

@justmattam You are welcome! The good news is… I built the nodes together with @qqilihq. So if you decide to try them and run into any problems, just let use know here on the forum or at

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