REST API GET Request Oracle Fusion

I am trying to use the “GET Request” node to connect to Oracle Fusion. I’m using the URL https://“severname”/fscmRestApi/resources/, where servername is the instance of Oracle I have access to. I was given a Basic Authentication token which works using Postman but not KNIME. I’m finding in some documentation that Java going to Oracle needs a WsmrUserToken class to login but the node is not set up for it. Do I add code to the body to change it?

I’ve tried the Basic token in several configurations of timeout (10, 100, 360, 600) and on shorter times I get timeout error and on longer times I get connection reset.

Hi @troyeb4 and sorry for the delay,

Could you please select all the options to fail node execution in the “Error Handling” tab and see if you get an error message?

@armingrudd when I select all “Fail node execution” radio buttons in the node I get “Execute failed: Connection reset” with timeout set at 360. If is set timeout lower to 20 I get “Execute failed: Read timed out”. In both errors I get a “warn”, "Call #1 failed: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: SocketTimeExcelption innvoking https://“severname”/fscmRestApi/resources/

May I ask what KNIME AP version are you using? And are you supposed to connect through a proxy?

I am using 4.7.5 on my client’s virtual computer and 5.0.1 on my company computer. When I do the “Get Request” on 5.0.1 I get the “403” error. I checked with my technical team. Oracle Fusion is on a public cloud, no proxy needed. We can use the same URL and credentials on Postman and get access.

In case of your client’s virtual computer which gets “connection reset” error message, I think it has something to do with firewall settings. If you can send the request successfully via postman from the same computer, then I guess it’s the firewall on this system blocking KNIME to send the request. To make sure, would you please use the Get Request node to simply request a public page like and see if you get the page?

About your company computer: 403 code means you don’t have the access permissions. Please double check your authentication info and your access permissions with your IT.

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