REST API Request with Single Sign On

Hi there,
I try to get data from a REST API (Atlassian Jira) where my user is logged in with Single Sign On. Does any of you have experience with that? Is there a way to authenticate the Knime workflow before making the request?

Hi @pfmd86,

The KNIME API nodes - e.g. GET Request - take credentials. When you have one of these node’s configuration windows open, navigate to “Authentication,” select “Basic,” and try putting in the SSO credentials there.

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I tried that before, but that doesn’t work. Here’s the thing. If I put the API URL in my browser window, I get all information I expect. Because I am signed in to Atlassian with SSO in my browser.

If I run the same URL in the “GET Request” node without authentication, I get:

WARN GET Request 3:27 Call #1 failed: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: SocketTimeoutException invoking Read timed out

When I add my credentials as a Basic Authentication I get the response 401 Unauthorized and the body is empty. And I tried all authentication methods of the node already.

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