REST GET with SharePoint Online list: authorization issue

I'm struggling with correctly formatting the authorization elements for a successful REST GET request for a SharePoint Online list, despite some very helpful insights from an earlier post.

I've registered an app within the MS Azure marketplace, and I have a consumer key (aka. app ID) and consumer secret (aka. key) and the app ID URI (cap1.png).

I've attempted to use the OAuth(1.0) node to configure the authorization (cap3.png), the output of which is passed to the GET node as a column 'Authorization', and referenced in the GET request header as 'Authorization' (cap2.png). But this has not been sufficient as I'm getting a 403 authorization error. [I'll note that I am also passing my SharePoint login credentials using NTLM verification in the GET node.] I'm aware that SharePoint Online uses OAuth2.0 verification, so perhaps the current Knime node is not sufficient, and I need to structure the request header(s) differently.

Can anyone walk me through how they have configured their Knime GET workflow successfully for SharePoint Online?


There is currently no dedicated node that allows you to use OAuth 2 in KNIME. However, it is possible to first retrieve the authorization token via a POST Request, which you can then use in a GET Request.

Please have a look at this blog post for a working example that connects to Salesforce and SugarCRM:

While this is not explicitly for SharePoint, I would assume that it is possible to adapt this workflow to our own use case.