Rest Nodes and Cookies


I’m relatively new to Knime. I’m still fumbling my way through a bit. I am using the “Get Request” Node to make a request to a TM1 server. I’m having no issues with this node. I can set up the authentication and connect successful. I can see the response when I run the node. All is good. However, the response is supposed to – and does – send me back a cookie with the session id. I need to be able to take the cookie and send it back to the server to logout. If I do not log out, I end up with a phantom session on the TM1 server. It doesn’t just die off. :frowning: This is where I am struggling. I can’t figure out how to grab the cookie and send it back. I have tried the HTTP Retriever node. But I can’t figure out how to extract the cookie information. I also can’t seem to find an example. Can someone point me in a better direction?

Thank you,


I figured this out. For others that may run into the same issue: Table creator (with both URL_In for initial request and URL_out for log out request) -> Get request (initial) -> HTTPRetriever -> Get request (to use TM1SessionID cookie and log out) ->