REST nodes (GET/POST) not streaming

Hello, in an older thread POST Node and Streaming a problem was identified with POST request not streaming. A ticket was added for this.
In latest release the problem is still there. Is there a ticket number for tracking the status?
Is there also some more info (example) of the proposed workaround?
Thanks in advance.
PS, the original topic was closed so I could not reply directly to that and instead had to open a new topic.

Hi there @pfpmeijers,

I have added +1 on it. (Internal reference: AP-13322).

Ticketing system is not public.

You mean for the workaround proposed by @hornm?

You did exactly as suggested in this topic :smiley:


Indeed I meant the workaround by @hornm by splitting and merging.
Thanks in advance for any more explanation on this.