REST Nodes missing


After upgrade to 3.2, I still had the old KREST nodes. I installed the new KNIME REST nodes but the do not show up even after removing the old KREST Nodes (which now can't be installed again).


Do you get any error message during the installation of the REST nodes? Anything in the log file? 

Can you navigate to the plugins folder where all KNIME extensions are to check if this file


is present?


Hi Marco,

no errors and the jar is present in plugins folder.

Hi Beginner,

could you try to add -clean to your knime.ini  and restart?

This typically solves the problem.

Kind regards, Iris

Hi Iris,

did not help. Also tried uninstalling both REST nodes and reinstalling them all while having clean in the ini file but issue still here.

Hi Beginner,

could you also try to make a full update to your installation. Thorsten told me there was a problem with the update site which should be revolved now.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Best, Iris

I just removed my old installation and reinstalled 3.2 fresh. Now it works.