Restore Schedule of Jobs

Hey Community!

I want to know if it is possible to somehow restore the schedule for all flows that were saved on the server in case of deletion. I have a daily report of all schedules via a variation of the example flow:

As I am basically pulling all data which should be needed to restore the schedules, can anyone tell me how I need to set the post node and how to format it so I can restore the lost schedules?

Help is much appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @Chaosprinzip,

I have build an example workflow that allows scheduling via WebPortal, which uses the KNIME Server REST API for all operations. You can find it here:

If you run it, the final POST Request will be fed with a JSON that allows you to create a valid schedule, so you can just grab it from the preceding node to get an idea of the needed structure.

Just note that you really do need to send everything. Even if you only want to set a very simple schedule, e.g. “run once every hour”, you still need to have the information on weekdays etc. in the JSON body.

Hope that helps!


Hey Roland,

thank you for your reply so far.
The flow you posted was the starting point for me to try to build a flow for an automation but I was not able to push the job schedules to the server additionally your flow did give me an error on the transformation node so I was not able to see what exactly was written into the body.

If I pull all the schedules from the server with the other flow I mentioned, I get this JSON file / body.
The question for me now is what exactly I need to have in the body for the Post node if I want to schedule via Webportal.

And as far as I understood the path for the Postnode needs to be …/scheduled-jobs/id , right?
So it is not possible to push all schedules at once but push them seperately with a loop,right?