Restoring of old version on share components corrupt


I am using a shared component and recently made changes to it. I’ve stored it with a version snapshot and wanted to restore this snapshot as the new version had errors.

The restore procedure works, but all my instances in the existing workflow are not updated to the restored version. The update checker does not realize the restored version as a new version.

I’ve I add the component newly back into the workflow I can see it is the restored content. It seems to be a bug.

Please fix that as quickly as possible.

As a workaround for all others:

  1. Restore the old version of the component
  2. open a sample workflow
  3. drag-n-drop a new instance of the component into the workflow
  4. unlink this new instance
  5. share again to the server
  6. perform updates in the workflows the component is used
  7. delete the sample workflow

Hi Marcel,

I have attempted to reproduce the issue you had mentioned but am not seeing the same results. Can you please let us know what version of Knime AP and Knime server you are working with? We will continue testing to see if we can reproduce the issue.


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Hi Marcel,

Just checking in to see if you could provide us with the additional information and if you are still experiencing this issue?