Results Accuracy

I have just executed an example use case from the KNIME book - Codeless Deep Learing with KNIME

The case is Sentiment Analysis Training with KNIME and the accuracy result I get is 10% lower than that shown in the book. Does anyone know why that might be?

Reliability of results (replicablility) is important or at least interpretability.

Hi @stockdaa,

Great to hear that you are practicing with the book!

Iā€™m sorry for the mistake in the referenced workflow. I ran the workflow (Sentiment Analysis with LSTM - Training ā€“ KNIME Hub) and only achieved an overall accuracy of 69%, so the same as you.

I assume that we made a mistake when adapting the workflow for the book chapter, because the original workflow (Sentiment Analysis ā€“ KNIME Hub) gives the same results as those reported in the book.

Thanks for reporting the issue. I hope we find the reason soon, and we will correct the other workflow accordingly.


Hi Maarit

Thank you for looking into this. As a new user the first reaction is to assume that I have made a mistake.

Will you be able to send me the corrected workflow please?

Best wishes


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