Retain header row when scrolling in Table Editor

It’s great to see that the new Table View node offers a cleaner, more professional way to view tabular data (even if it currently lacks some basic features like HTML rendering and wrapping of text). I particularly like that it retains the header row while you scroll through the rows, lessening the need for pagination.

I would like to know, firstly, if there are any plans to develop the Table Editor (Javascript) node in the same direction, or if it will remain totally separate from the new Table View. Even if the answer is no, is there any chance it will gain functionality such as retaining the header row?

And future development aside, is there any way that the current Table Editor can be tweaked, perhaps via CSS or by replicating it in a Generic Javascript View node, to achieve something similar with the row header?

Hey @AngusVeitch,

sorry for the late response.
Great to hear that you like the table view. About the two points that you mentioned, they are already possible, but a bit (too) hidden.
Lets say you have the following input table and want to display links or colors

You can use a Column Expression node with the new HTML type to tell the Table View to interprete these cells as HTML values and get the following result:

Similarly for text wrapping you have to use the String Format Manager node and its wrapping options to tell where the cells of the table view should wrap.

The Table Editor is definitely one of the nodes that we would love to migrate into the new framework as soon as possible. But that node is a very special one and requires a lot more work to enable properly as it does not only show data, but allow you to adjust the data and output the result.

Making the header sticky might be possible with CSS, but I would need to play around with it to see if and how it would work. If I find some free time soon I will look into it, but no promises.



Thanks Daniel, I had totally missed the new String Format Manager node (and I notice there is a number formatter too) and the HTML data type. These are great developments!

I understand that the Table Editor is a complex node, as I have had a lot of support discussions about it in the past. It opens up so many exciting use cases, but limits them as well because it pushes the limits of what KNIME Widgets do. I do hope it gets brought into the new framework soon.

I won’t hold my breath for a CSS solution to the sticky header, but if you do come up with something, that would be awesome.