Retrieve Date Modified of Remote Files (SFTP)


Currently, I am trying to retrieve a file from a SFTP. The only way I can grab a unique file is by the “date modified” of the file. When I use the “File Meta Info” on local files, i have no issue. When I use “File Meta Info” after “List Remote Files” all i get are the red question marks since the file path can not resolve.

If i download the files local, then the date modified will change.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I solved this issue by extracting the date out of the file name, then doing a datetime difference to find the correct value. From there i took that file name and created the file path to it and passed that into the Download node.

No ideas, but I can confirm that the “File Meta Info” doesn’t seem to work when using the FTP connection as well (as opposed to SFTP described in previous post).

EDIT: I guess this kind of makes sense since there is no FTP or SFTP connector that feeds into this node. I think what we are looking for is a “Remote File Meta Info” node – which as of today doesn’t exist. So I think we are out of luck here.

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I was hoping going SSH Connection -> List Remote Files -> File Meta Info would work but it doesn’t.

Can you use FTPS (FTP over SSL) instead of SFTP? If so I might have some python code that you could use to get the modification date.

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Are you able to access the files with a URL? If so, you could try this in a Java Snippet:

String lastMod, eTag;
	URL url = new URL(c_URL);
	HttpURLConnection conn=(HttpURLConnection)url.openConnection();
	lastMod = conn.getHeaderField("Last-modified");
} catch (Exception e) {

out_LastModified = lastMod;
out_ETag = eTag;
out_DateOldformat = null;
	out_DateOldformat = sdf.parse(lastMod);
} catch (ParseException e){

configured as shown:

For example, an input table containing the URL gives the following output:


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As @joshuahoran pointed out File Meta Info node is not a Remote File Meta Info node so that is way it is not working :slight_smile:


Im not 100% i can since it is a SFTP. I will play with it and see if I can.

See post edit for solution.


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