Retrieve/List all the files in the FTP root folder


I have upgraded to KNIME 4.3 and them upgrade a workflow that retrieved files from the root of and FTP server. I replace the deprecated FTP connector with the new version and it seems to connect properly, and then replaced the deprecate “Download” node with the new “Transfer Files” node Which does not work. I consistently get the “Execute failed: The specified folder \ does not exist”

I also tried to use the updated “List Files/Folders” and get the same error.



the FTP connector let’s you define you working directory which is by default /. If you want to list everything within your working directory you have to enter .

Does this solve the issue?


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Hi @Mark_Ortmann

Unfortunately not. I was concerned that maybe something had changed on the FTP server but the old flow with the deprecated nodes still works perfectly.

I have tried / and \ and . but no response. The FTP connector node is connecting. There is no error in the console with the FTP connector establishes the connection, but the “Transfer Files” and “List Files” nodes fail.

I did notice something in Filezilla console messages while I was connected to the server earlier.

Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead.

Could this be some indication of an issue? PASV?



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