Retrieving objects and attributes from Active Directori


I want to connect to an Active Directory Directly from knime as
Then i want to extract for example all the users and all their atributtes and export as CSV to be able to manage them

I have powershell that extract all users with samaccountname, name, memberof.
and then i can create several tables with the membership of the users.
Is it possible to connect directly to Active Directory and export fron Knime?


Hi @repoff3651,

there is no node for this specific task, so the only way I can think of is a Java or Python snippet node.

Hi there @repoff3651,

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Well besides @Marten_Pfannenschmidt suggestions you might wanna try External Tool (Labs) node to call script you already have and this way you can have your data in KNIME and option to export it from it.


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