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Hi all,
This is my first post. I have just started to use KNIME.
I don’t know how to retrive data from subpage.
From the page API Wykazu podatników VAT - Ministerstwo Finansów - Krajowa Administracja Skarbowa - Portal I retrived data form many VAT numbers at one go.
NIP.xlsx (10.3 KB) API NIP.knwf (14.9 KB)

I would like to do the same one the page but when I serach above page with KRS number e.g. 0000497462 I receive link to subpage.
Could you please give me a hint wich node’s should I use to receive table containing multiple information ?

Hi Marcin,

First of all , welcome to the KNIME community forum!

In general not all pages are capable of a similar query. The specific workflow you shared with us is doing an API call to a rest service. I looked at the second page but I don’t see any API listed. (I didn’t understood the language by the way).

Could you please share the workflow that didn’t work with the second webpage? The one with a link to subpage output? That will help understand your problem better.


Hi Temesgen,
Thank you for your replay.
You are right that the second page has no API.
I have no work flow to show because I didn’t have any clue how to do solve my problem.
But I have an idea how to cope with this.

The sub page has a constant structure. KRS number of the company is listed e.g.

  1. '0000084564
    <a href="“ikea-centres-polska-s-a-krs-80385.html”">IKEA CENTRES POLSKA S A

  2. ‘0000059492
    <a href="“polskie-gornictwo-naftowe-i-gazownictwo-s-krs-56458.html”">POLSKIE GÓRNICTWO NAFTOWE I GAZOWNICTWO S A

Now I need to find a line which contains „
<a href=""" extract a fragment of this line (from <a href="" to “”> " ) and create a table which will contains a list of addresses:

Hi Marcin,

Then I recommended the Webpage Retriever node as a starting point.

If you follow the link to the KNIME Hub, at the bottom of the page you will find a Related workflows & nodes section with list of example workflows using this node. I think that will give you enough ideas on how to implement your solution.

Hope this helps

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Hi Temesgen,
I appreciate your help.
It wasn’t easy but I have solved my problem.
Now I can ask the page for as many KRS numbers as I want .
KRS_online.knwf (33.2 KB)
KRS.xlsx (8.4 KB)

I have next problem with received table.


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