ReverseGeocoder: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException


What are the possible reasons for the error:

Execute failed: ("ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException"): -1

when using the ReverseGeocoder.

Any tips how to avoid this error? Thank you.

P.S. Nice node description. :)

I think some of the coordinates are pointing to a sea/ocean location, hence no result. How do I avoid this error given that I have too many coordinates to check each one? Is there a way to insert null if no result?

Hi marcellusmontilla,

thank you for the report, I'll have a look into this during next week! (probably also taking care of the node documentation :) ).


Hi marcellusmontilla,

I've just double checked. To my excuse: I built this node in some kind of hurry for an internal project and obviously forgot to do some quality assurance before releasing it into the wild. Embarrassed as I am I'll take care of the final missing polish asap ;-)

In the meantime, the following step should help:
Before using the node, make sure to open its "Configuration" window once, and click on the "OK" button to explicitly save the settings. This should avoid the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception, caused by the fact,  that the input column is currently no saved correctly (bug).

As I said, fix will follow soon, but the above step should get it working for now. If this step does not solve your problem, please get back to me again, probably with a test workflow or the coordinates which you're trying to resolve.


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FYI: The issue described above and the node description is fixed now and should be on the update sites by tomorrow.

-- Philipp

I appreciate it so much. Thank you.

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