I haven't understood how tu use correctly the node ReverseLocationLookup. My aim is to provide the coordinates of a point in input and to receive all the locations in a neighborhood of radius r of that point in output. In my workflow I have: Table Creator in the "first" node with the name of a city, GoogleAddressGeocoder as "second" node which returns the coordinates of that city and ReverseLocationLookup as "third" node. The first and second node work (green light) and the third node has yellow light after configuration (but before execution) and a red cue ball with a white cross after execution.

I'm new with KNIME: could you help me please?

Thank you

Hi alessandro,

when you move your mouse over the red sign you should see an error message telling you the reason for the failure. 

But I assume you did not configure a LocationSource, that's why the ReverseLocationLookup fails. Please see here in the section "Adding a location source" for an explanation about the necessary configuration.

Hope that helps, if not let me know!


Hi qqilihq,

I solved the problem,

Thank you