RGP - object mathFunctionSet not found

I'm trying to use the rgp package within an R snippet.

The fairly simple code:


RD <- knime.in

result1 <- symbolicRegression(y ~ ., data=RD, functionSet=mathFunctionSet, stopCondition=makeStepsStopCondition(100))

fails with "object 'mathFunctionSet' not found".

The same code in stand-alone R works fine.

Any ideas?

- Steve -

Steve, are you using the same, standalone R installation in KNIME configured under File > Preferences -- I think it's just an issue that the lib is not installed into the KNIME embedded R which can also be updated as in normal R.


I thought I'd replied sooner, but my reply lost/not saved?!

I had already configured Knime to use my standalone version of R (3.1.2).

I usually develope R scripts in RStudio - then transfer them to Knime.

RGP still showing the same error.



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