i have following 3 tables (city, games, opponents) files with win/loss results.

city win loss
New York 12 0
Miami 9 3
Houston 1 11
Milan 4 8
games win loss
chess 11 1
Ludo 2 10
checkers 5 7
sorry 10 2
Opponent win loss
Jim 11 1
sima 9 3
bob 2 10
sima 5 7

i need to create risk score for each of the combination. Couldnt find node or workflow to help me with this.

any assistance will be appreciated.

Hi @Br1jesh what do you mean with riskscore?

Risk score = Probability of winning or losing

Hi there @Br1jesh,

so for example you would like to know win odds if Jim and bob are playing chess in Milan or? Interesting but can you tell us more about use case? And what does it mean that there were 12 wins in New York or 11 in chess? How that impact score?


Consider, you are managing a team of board game players in league. above mentioned 3 tables are the historical data available based on previous years performance. For this year, you want to choose horses for courses, ie, choose a combination that can give you highest probability of winning.

So as a team manager you will look at the venue, opponent and game and come up with what is the probability of winning for each of those. This can be done by calculating probability of winning for each data elements by itself.

Hope that helps.

Hi @Br1jesh,

I see now. From the top of my head cross join all three tables and divide sum of wins with number of total board games for win probability?


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hi @Br1jesh

How about this workflow risk_scoring.knwf (37.7 KB)
Is this you are after. I don know if the outcome makes sense :neutral_face:

gr. Hans


it did solve the problem. thanks


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