RMI Executor could not be started - Preferences.epf


I recently updated my server version to the last update.
All works well until I need to use the Python/Python DL.

When I configure the Python in the KNIME Workbench on the server and export the preferences.epf, the KNIME server is not working anymore. I get the error “RMI Executor could not be started”.

As soon as the preferences.epf is moved or removed, the RMI Executor is working well. But then, the Python is not found.

All the files are owned by the user “knime”.
The server is running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Any tips or advice ?

Thanks for your help

Hi @trj

can you check the Java Version on your server?

This is done using
javac -version

If you see the version 242, then we have put out a fix in the latest versions of 4.10.1, and 4.9.3. Upgrading will fix the issues with the RIM not starting.

Best, Iris

Hello @Iris,

Indeed, java has the version 242.

But my KNIME server version is already 4.10.1.
Do I need to upgrade something else ?

Thanks for the support!

Hello @Iris and all,

Everything work well now. Had to update the server and the KNIME executor.

Thanks for the help


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