RMI executor could not be started


I wanted to test the workflows on the ubuntu server, but unfortunately I cannot access them.
As soon as I want to access a workflow on the web portal, I get an error message.
When I click on a workflow, I get the following message:
“RMI executor could not be started, see log file for details”
Thank you.

hello @Natane_ITCE,

and welcome to the knime community.
can you tell us the version of your knime server and executor?

because some versions require the executor started by hand (thats why it is recommended the executor as a service).


Hello @sven-abx

thanks for your intervention.
Here is the information you requested from me.
Thank you .

hello @Natane_ITCE,

can you also post the logfiles? You will find the
TomEE server log under: <tomee-folder>/logs/catalina.yyyy-mm-dd.log and the
KNIME executor log under: <server-repository>/runtime/runtime_knime-rmi_<suffix>/.metadata/knime/knime.log


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Hi @Natane_ITCE,

I agree with @sven-abx about sharing the log files, but NOT here on a public forum. The reason is: they might contain sensitive information. Instead, Could you please send an email to support@knime.com with the logs and the KNIME support team will make sure you get the help you need.


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Hello @sven-abx @temesgen-dadi ,

Thank you for your information and you just forwarded the items by email.