ROSE Sampling Problem in Knime

i added r snippet in knime but it gives me “Error in R loaded …” How can i solve? Thank you.

@mlauber71 help me pls

@UgurErcan I assume you are trying to use this workflow?

My suggestion would be to check your R installation with KNIME:

And then you might want to provide us with more details following the links in this article:

If you encounter a problem you also might want to ask a question in the KNIME Forum. To do that: read how to write a good forum entry or ask for help, then provide a sample workflow and maybe provide a detailed log file.


yes, but i tried everyway but i couldnt solve

Please try the suggestions listed above, and if those still don’t help, you will need to provide much more information about your workflow, error messages received, and so on. You’re not giving our experts much to work with here I’m afraid.


ERZ 1.knwf (38.3 KB)

here is the workflow @mlauber71 and @ScottF i couldnt solve my problem

@UgurErcan I think you will have to check your R installation (1|2) and make sure the necessary packages are installed

You could try and check the status of your installation.



the message under the box i couldnt solve
uninstall all program packages but didnt change status

@UgurErcan can you run the example workflow from the hub? Can you provide a sample file which would show the error without spelling any secrets?

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