Round of 4 - Results

Hi teams,

The results of the Round of 4 of the KNIME Game of Nodes are finally available. :boom: :smiley:

Check the tournament bracket below to see if your team made it to the finale.

:pushpin: Results (also available here) → Game of Nodes

We really appreciated your enthusiasm, as well as the proficiency and beauty of your solutions :pray:. Even if, unfortunately, your team did not qualify to the finale, be assured that you did a great job :heart: but your competitors really did go the extra mile.

To give you a taste of the wonderful solutions we had the pleasure to assess, check out the collage below containing snapshots of some of the most impressive submissions :sunglasses:.

Happy KNIMEing,

PS: :date:#FINALE . Save your virtual spot at the KNIME Spring Summit 2024 to watch the finale on April 17 from 10:15 to 10:45 am (Austin, TX time) → KNIME Spring Summit 2024