Rounding to nearest half


I have a number of temperatures which I would like to round off to the nearest half degree, similar to what the mround function in Excel does. Is this possible with the Round Double node, or otherwise?



Hi Evert.

You can do such calculation with Column Expressions node.

Example is attached.

mround.knwf (6.0 KB)


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your swift reply, this was what I was looking for. I actually did not have the Column Expressions node installed, wasn’t aware of its existence.

Many thanks/Evert

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You are welcome.

I assume you can get the same result with combination of Math and Rule Engine nodes. But with Column Expressions it is much more fun :slight_smile:

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I think you can do it directly from math formula with round($inputcolumn$/0.5,0)*0.5.


That is actually a very compact and beautiful solution!

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Nice one @lucian.cristian :wink:

Brilliance lies in it simplicity. Fantastic, thanks!


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