I want to keep only row by name that have value at 2, at 3 and 4. for the 3 ages and delete the other.
How to do ?
FILTER.xlsx (8.1 KB)

Do you want to keep rows with age 3 and delete others you mean?

I want to conserve row by name that have value for age 2 + age 3 + age 4

Philippe and Paul should be out.


What have you tried so far which did not work?

I tried all rows filter possibility but i don’t find a way to include a condition.

Hello @Brain

I’m not sure if I fullu understand your request.
This is the input data:

This is configuration of Row Filter node:

This is the outcome:

Is this something you expect?
If so, then the workflow looks like this:

Happy KNIMEing,

What i want is to keep only the rows by name who have value at 2 and 3 and 4.

Finally this resilt

Hi @Brain,
you only need the settings lower bound = 2 and upper bound = 4 for age.


@Brain should your condition refer to name or to age?

Refer to name.
The idea is to keep only people who have value at 3 different age

I’m sorry @Brain - I’m lost…
You wrote “Philippe and Paul should be out”.
Then, you result table with Jean and Pierre.

Could you please rephrase your expectations?

I have this one :

I want this one :

You can groupby Name and do some aggregation e.g. concatenate and then do a row filter for matchin “2,3,4”. Then join it back based on Name to the original table

As per @Daniel_Weikert suggestion, the worflow could look like this:

And here is the workflow: Name_234.knwf (76.8 KB)

@Brain Is this something you are looking for?

@Brain Any feedback from your side?

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Absolutely perfect it is what i was looking for.
Many Thankds

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Happy KNIMEing :slight_smile: @Brain

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