Row Filter Error

Attached is a snippet of a workflow I’m working on to respond to a help request posted in the Forum. If I change the columns to filter in the widget, the Row Filter node throws the following error:

The column to test in the row filter matches the column in the widget:
Row Filter

If I manually open and close the Row Filter node it executes properly. I’d really appreciate help.

Hello rfeigel,

Could you please mention the version of KNIME AP you are using? I made an attempt to reproduce the error on my end using KNIME 5.1.1, but regrettably, I could not replicate it. If you could, would you be able to recreate the error, and if so, could you provide a detailed account of the steps you are following when encountering this issue?



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FYI I’m using 4.7.7. Magically the error has stopped. No idea why.

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